Water Treatment

Links Energy provide specialist maintenance and compliance of commercial closed water systems.


Closed Water Systems can create unwanted suspended solids, bacterial infections, corrosion and scaling which cause blockages and system failure without adequate water treatment.

The key benefits are maximum energy efficiency, increasing overall plant lifespan and reducing unscheduled repairs, all of which saves your money. Our comprehensive water treatment maintenance programme from Links Energy minimalises operational and maintenance costs.

Other benefits:

  • Increased system performance

  • Lower gas bills

  • Increased system life

  • Better heat distribution throughout

  • Reduced CO2 footprint 24/7 call-out response

  • Pre-Commissioning Cleaning

  • Smart Monitoring

  • Detailed Reports & Analysis


Clean, treat and protect commercial heating and cooling systems with our industry-proven technology

How it works

1. Chemical samples taken at site

2. Samples sent same day to to a laboratory

3. Results are analysed, and returned within 5-7 days

4. Understandable and comprehensive report sent to the client

5. Consultation with our experts with full recommendations